Poster 2: Leviathan the King of the Seas

Poster 2: Leviathan the King of the Seas

"There are some legends that tell about a beast who brings terrible  storms across the seas everywhere he goes.  Some say he's tyrant who destroys any creature who dares to over throw him. Not even the most ferocious of all monsters can make him yield.
 Hunters call him the Elder Dragon of the Sea,the bringer of storms, and the king of the seas. It is said that the best hunters try to slay him... sadly they are never heard from again.
No one knows its real name nor where it came from.  The next time you see this Leviathan be sure your prepared for your final days at sea for it may come sooner than you think."
-Ocean village chief
Project was inspired by Capcom's Monster Hunter game series.The creature was made in Maya and edited in Photoshop by using various brushes to match real life like environments with cartoon characters.
To see the 3D model click the link below:

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